For 120GB (model# CECH-2001A, CECH-2101A), 160GB (model# CECH-2501A, CECH-3001A), 250GB (model# CECH-2001B, CECH-2101B), 320GB (model# CECH-2501B, CECH-3001B) only

Required Replacement Screws

  • Four flat head screws that attach the hard drive to the metal frame: M3 x 4 x 0.5mm thread pitch
  • One flat head blue screw: M3 x 10 x 0.5mm thread pitch

Replacing the HDD

  1. Press the power button to turn the PS3 off. The power indicator turns solid red and the system enters standby mode.
  2. Unplug the AC power cord, and then disconnect the other cables from the system. For safety reasons, remove the plug for the power cord from the electrical outlet, and then detach the other cables.
  3. Place the system upside down on a soft, dry cloth, and then open the screw cover. Use the notch located above the screw cover to slightly pull up the cover, then rotate the cover as shown in the diagram. If the cover is hard to pull up, insert a tool such as a flathead screwdriver in the notch and gently pull the cover up.
  4. Remove the screw that fastens the hard disk in place, and then remove the HDD bay cover.
    1. Remove the blue screw with an appropriate crosshead screwdriver. (Be careful when removing the blue screw and use the correct size screwdriver, as it may become stripped if forcing the screw out.)
    2. Slide the HDD bay cover to the left, and then remove the cover.

  5. Remove the hard disk from the system. Pull the handle upwards, and then pull out the hard disk from the system.
  6. Now you must remove the hard drive from the metal frame. Use a crosshead screwdriver to remove the screws (4 places).
  7. Hold the hard disk by the edges, and then turn it over. Make sure to grasp firmly by the opening on either side to prevent slipping.
  8. Remove the hard disk from the metal frame.
  9. Place the replacement hard disk on the PS3 hard disk’s metal frame, and then attach using the screws (4 places). Do not overtighten the screws.
  10. Install the hard disk in the system. Fully insert the hard disk in the HDD bay and slide the HDD bay cover back onto the system. Attach the blue screw to lock the hard disk in place. Refer to step 5 from above and go in reverse order when installing.
  11. Turn on the PS3 system. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform initial setup.
  12. Reinstall the system software. Instructions on reinstalling the system software.

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